Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outdoor Chalkboards

My husband is sweet, smart, and super talented.  You saw the car shelf and here is another project he threw together.  I saw this on a long time ago and always thought it was a great idea.  When Pinterest came along, I added it to my "please build" board and here you go. 
He even included the boys in the project which was really sweet.  I tried to put jackets on them, since it was maybe 60 degrees, but they refused so I threw on some hats.  I'm sure Kilz is not meant for body painting but at least they didn't eat it:)
You get a 4x8 piece of pressure-treated plywood. Prime it with Kilz (you can ask the mixing counter to add some black for dark paint Kilz).  Let it dry completely.  
Then combine 3-4 parts of outdoor latex paint with 1 part non-sanded grout.  Give it one great coat or two coats.  It dries quickly.
 You could stop there or get creative like my hubby did.  He had cut the wood into two 4x4 pieces then used a high gloss red to make frames.  
It was a little hard to erase at first.  Just take a large piece of white chalk on its side and color the whole board.  Then erase and start all over.  I only have to do it after it gets wet.
I like to take turns drawing and coloring one thing with KD (see the 'dragon' in the first picture).   Here, I made a bullseye for them to throw balls at.  Loads of fun!  

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  1. you guys are such a great team...creative and talented! well done!