Friday, March 9, 2012

Car storage!

This what I get when I say "Smile!" It took a stern voice to get them to turn away from the shelves!
  My husband is very crafty.  He loves working with wood and can look at something he likes and figure out a way to make it.  On Pinterest, I have a board named 'Please Build Chris.'  This car shelf was one of the first things on that board.  My DH came up with a simpler design that works great for our boys.  I have asked him to write something here but I don't think that's going to happen!
  We have ledges from Ikea holding books and I think that you could definitely use those and get the same effect.  My husband did saw and sand into the ledge to have the cars come down at a slight angle but you may be able to rig a ledge in the same way.
We hung it a tot level so they can spend as much time as they want taking the cars off and putting them back on.  We also left space above for this shelf.  My DH has been busy and I just had to share- I'll post another one of his creations soon.

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  1. love that idea...what a great shelf for the cars....Chris is so talented! I love my cutting board too!