Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Organizing Art Supplies

We love our easel and use it almost daily.  I put a bunch of art supplies on our Christmas wish list and received just what I wanted!  The boys have loved playing with all the different paints and stamps and colors but it was getting out of hand. Things were being thrown aside and stored in crazy places (the bathroom and kitchen cabinets).  I invested in two inexpensive pieces and there is harmony again.

I like this Sterlite drawer ($20 at Target) because it fits nicely under the easel, it is tall enough that I can have containers for pens to sit upright, and it's easy enough for my son to open and close by himself.  It's also deep enough that I can put the paint in the back and he never seems to see it without me getting in there too.

I also bought a plastic storage bin($4) from Ikea that is reminiscent of my Hello Kitty pencil boxes in elementary school but on a larger scale.  Paint brushes and stamps fit perfectly and it fits right on top of the drawer.
After three weeks, it doesn't look too much different than this . . .  Success!

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