Monday, February 20, 2012

Felt Popsicle Matching Game

Since WP likes playing with these so much, I have made a few sets of sticks
to make the activity last longer (painted sticks, spanish colors, etc....)

This is another one of our favorite activities that came out of our Craft Swap. I am so thankful for my creative friends who introduce me to great learning activities (perfect for 'busy bags') like this one!  WP really likes this activity. He calls it "My Pops!" and gets so excited to play it. I like it because it's easy and very cheap to make AND it is appropriate for several ages.

All you need to make this activity is: felt in several colors, popsicle sticks, and colored markers (or paint.)

Cut out two popsicle-shapes from each color of felt.  Glue the two pieces of felt together around the edges, leaving the bottom unglued.  Write or paint a color on each popsicle stick. What you write (or paint) determines what age-level the activity is best for. Here are some ideas for what you could write on the sticks:

  • write color name in color (for kids learning colors)
  • paint the sticks matching colors (for kids learning colors) 
  • write color name in black (for kids learning to read)
  • write color name in another language (for kids learning a new language)
  • write flavor name in black or color (to teach about tastes and flavors)
Give your child the popsicle sticks separate form the tops and let them match away! Also, check out Etsy for some super cute, pre-made Felt Popsicle Matching Games

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