Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm very proud of my husband who ran his first marathon today!  He had two enthusiastic little cheerleaders wearing homemade shirts that got a lot of 'that is cute' comments and looks.
I made them using printable iron-on transfers. They are an easy way to make your own original t-shirts.  I scanned my husband's bib and printed it in mirror-image on to the iron-on paper (always do a test until it comes out just how you'd like and laser doesn't work on this paper).  Then, simply ironed it on to two plain T-shirts.  I added safety pins so it looked liked their daddy's.

I have to 100% agree with the 'cute' comments:)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Hubs!!! The boys look precious!

  2. congrats chris! we're running a 1/2 here in april. i'm a little scared, not going to lie! and the boys look super cute! (not lying about that either!)

    1. Good luck! I may attempt a half someday . . . . I'm scared too. It LOOKS painful! We miss you guys!