Sunday, January 22, 2012

Repurpose Baby Spoons

Do these plastic baby spoons accumulate in your house like they do in mine?  If your kid is starting to outgrow them, but you aren't ready to throw them out, you can repurpose them:
  1. As tasting spoons. (This one is my favorite - I do it all the time. I am constantly tasting what I cook.) 
  2. For eating Fage yogurt (I love this stuff, but a regular spoon won't fit in the tiny compartment with the fruit topping. Actually, I've started to use these baby spoons with any yogurt or ice cream. Taking lots of tiny bites helps the snack last longer and feel like more!)
  3. Alongside shot-glass desserts (I'm so glad restaurants like P.F. Chang's now offer 'mini' desserts - often served in tiny glasses.  I recently used these spoons with my Peanut Butter Parfait recipe.) 
  4. As serving spoons for condiments (the plastic ones would be cute for a BBQ cookout or kid's party and silver baby spoons would be great for a shower - to serve nuts, candy, etc...)
I wanted to have a nice, round number of ideas, but couldn't think of a 5th. Can you?


  1. If you garden, you could use them as plant markers. On the plastic ones, you could just write the name of the plant on the spoons with a sharpie.

    1. What a cute idea, Sami! I WANT to garden, but haven't quite gotten there yet...