Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reasons to Tell Your Child 'I Love You' from Becoming Minimalist

The words 'I love you'- it feels good to say and even better to hear. My grandmother rarely said 'I love you'. It almost sounded strange and uncomfortable coming out of her mouth. I can't imagine how my mom grew up not hearing it multiple times a day. As a result, my mom made sure that we always knew how loved we were and was much more forgiving than maybe she should have been. I'm thankful for the affection and hope to pass the same on to my kids!
I love this post from Becoming Minimalist where he lists 15 reasons to say 'I LOVE YOU' to your child. Here are a few of my favorites:
2. It tells them they are valuable. When children know they are loved because of who they are – not because of what they have done – they begin to realize the true value of their lives. And people who fully realize the inherent value of life are more likely to make the most of it . . .
8. It produces joy. Whether 5-years old or 90-years old, a message of being loved brings a smile to our face and joy to our soul. It warms the heart, lifts the spirit, and results in joy. It has the opportunity to change the course of an entire day or the course of an entire lifetime . . .

11. It makes them part of something bigger than themselves. To be loved is to be accepted as part of something bigger than ourselves. A child who is loved has an identity in something greater than their own personal world. And the sense that we are part of something bigger produces responsibility, commitment, and ethic. It is something that our world needs more of today…
I hope this is as inspiring to you as it was to me!

Kim :)

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