Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ice Cube Bags

This is an easy activity to prep and both my 1 and 3 year olds enjoyed it!  My 3-year old definitely got the colors mixing even though they weren't exactly Crayola colors.  It may be difficult, though, to convince a two-year old that the water is now 'purple'. 

Ice Cube Tray
Food Coloring (Red, Yellow, Blue)
Plastic Baggies

Mix water and food coloring and pour into an ice cube tray, making equal numbers of each color. When frozen, place 2 different colored cubes together in a plastic bag and let your children hold them. Younger children will enjoy moving the ice cubes around in the bags while older children will enjoy watching what happens when the two colors mix together.  Since it was a cold day, I used a bowl of warm water which both boys happily dunked the bags in.  The phase change from ice to water seemed just as fascinating as the color combinations. 

You can also freeze little plastic doo dads with colors that change its color. For example, a yellow moose in blue ice cube or a red lego in a yellow ice cube. They will think the moose is green until the ice melts away.

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