Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh, Daylight Savings Time . . .

These pictures were taken at 6:15 pm.  My boys aren't the best sleepers.  I think they have potential but between traveling and visitors, I don't feel like we give them a fair chance to excel in this aspect of their lives!  As of mid-October, we officially have no travel or visitors planned and the boys were starting to do alright.  Then . . . DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! I decided to do some research since I really didn't understand why we did it.  I've always heard that it was for the farmers but learned that farmers are actually against it!

 Here is a summary of what I learned about Daylight Savings Time on Wikipedia:
  • Daylight Saving Time (DST- not savings) is moving the clock by an hour so there is more daylight at the end of the day. It was proposed by a guy in Australia who wanted to look for bugs after he got home from work. During WWI, Germany was the first to officially use DST in order to save coal.  Within a couple of years, many countries followed, including the US.
  • PROS- There is economic benefit to DST. In 2007, congress extended DST by four weeks as part of the Energy Policy Act (although there is no solid evidence that energy is conserved in modern days by DST). It was mainly supported by companies who benefited from it, including 7-eleven and candy companies (halloween!).  The American Golf Association said that they would make 200-300 million dollars more if DST were to be extended by 7 weeks!
  • CONS-
    • A few studies have shown that there is an increase in suicide and heart attacks following time change
    • The cost to actually change all the clocks- think computers and transportation
  • In March, Russia decided to permanently stay in DST and not change clocks do to the 'stress of changing clocks'
I'm kinda feeling the Russians on this one . . .

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